Dr Brian D. Johnson DVM



E.V.S. is proud to offer:

  • Equine dentistry and periodontal treatments.
  • Radiology.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Reproductive medicine, including pregnancy diagnosis, well-foal checks, pre-breeding examinations for mares and AI with both cooled and frozen semen.
  • Lameness evaluations.
  • Pre-purchase examinations.
  • General medicine.
  • Preventitive treatments including vaccination, worming, health and dental exams.
  • EVS Preventicare Health Care plans 
  • Health certificates and blood tests for travel and events.
  • Supplies and medications.
  • Fully computerized records with complete history, photos and lab results for each horse.
  • 24 hour emergency call coverage.

 *Please note that we only provide service to horses  (all sizes), donkeys, and mules.